Tanker Dispatch Module

Tanker Dispatch Module is integrated tightly with Procurement and Distribution Modules. The Acknowledgment of DC reflects in Accounts as well.
Collection of Milk sounds great for common man. But the painful efforts and time management on field are hard to manage. Over and above maintain the log
report of each Tanker with Quality and Quantity checks is taxing!

Without computerized system this is just impossible beyond certain range.
Cheaper costly Report to monitor the profitability of Kg FAT is very useful. Human error or Billing mistake of customer must be pointed same day. Also the bills of Transporter, their incentives/ deductions need to be calculated. All this is done by Tanker Dispatch Module.
System can handle T1/ T2 compartments in a Tanker. Quality parameters, Deductions, Incentives as per agreements with customer can be captured. The Tanker Milk Register gives insight into the Cheaper Costly analysis. Time audit report gives transporters efficiency. The system also takes care of crossing of the vehicle. SUKRUT DSMS Tanker dispatch Module is self sustaining and can be implemented with third party other modules.