Sales / Distribution Module

A sale is the most important and essential function for the existence of any Dairy or Milk Union. The perishable commodity many time invite for a dispute over accounts settlements. Healthy relationship with Agents/ Customers without hurting their poor payments is unfortunately your important job and that too with smiling face! SUKRUT DSMS is your matured secretary with great vision and business ethics.

Market Development and Threat analysis are two critical tasks of Sales Manager. Quite often this is done, but at the cost of LOSS OF SALES ! Now this is never accepted to top management. SUKRUT DSMS provides you a good help while maintaining day to day operation well within your control. Capturing enquiry‟s, order placement, and then dispatching and invoicing form the broad steps of the sales cycle. Stock transfer between warehouses too is covered. Besides all this, important analysis reports are provided to guide decision making and strategy planning. SUKRUT DSMS Sales is integrated with Inventory, Production & Finance. System can manage multi location, multi state operations as well. Different price lists for same item can be defined using our core engine. The system is scalable, reliable and matured. Data loggers can be integrated for off line transactions. Van distribution business many times uses hand held device. SUKRUT DSMS Sales Module can integrate to avoid duplicate data entry and consolidate into one statement of account in real time.