Economics in practice is driven in India by Agricultural Business. Stability to farmers is well supported by Milk Industry . Proactive steps taken by great visionary at NDDB and their member union coupled with some pain steaking efforts taken by local politicians had helped farmers in small villages to activate progressive moment through opertion food launched in 1970 !

We at SUKRUT being very close to Milk Producing pockets , understood the business algorithm in depth and width . We were greatly advised by senior Dairy experts . We addressed their basic requirements for systems to be automated . Langauge support and specialized training on field was a challenge with . Maintaining minimum data entry for ONLINE transaction while delivering a strong MIS was implemented by SUKRUT . Having access to various new technologies , SUKRUT tried always to upgrade their customers to new business modes enabling them to deliver better ratio and provide better services to their customers and suppliers as well .

Today solution which are modular , scalable and reliable are time tested and appreciated by industry. Writing a pre sales paper as much more easier the delivering that solution . SUKRUT is proud to note here , with due acknowledgement and efforts put in , today as a partner of choice for many Milk Industry experts .

Sharing knowledge with like minded people is always rewording work . This work can be more fruitful , if we can share our resources to a win win situation . SUKRUT is open for all Business models for our Business expansion while maintaing sustainable growth , customer satisfactory and progressive growth.


SUKRUT Dudh Sangh Management enabled System (DSMeS) is a philosophy itself. SUKRUT DSMeS evolved over a long when a blending of experience and world class technology was guided by industry experts who customized this system for Enthusiastic management who want information on fingertips SUKRUT DSMeS ERP is an effective and successful business practice that helps you for:

  • Manage your After Market, sales and Service
  • Reduce Time to Market,
  • Integrate your all departments, integrate all branches to once server.
  • Aggregate your purchasing from all loctaions.
  • Identify and Standardize your key Performance Indicators
  • View Single Version of truth, while maintain the security of data.
  • Assurance of World Class, Robust Eco System
  • Best Business Practices are adopted within time frame.

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With Industry Best Business practices, that are tailored to fit the business processes, this Architecture allow you to take advantage of proven best practices while providing you flexibility you need to adopt to changing business requirement, you gain agility and support to grow exponentially.

The blazing speed, accuracy, consistency made computer a Basic pillar of New Age Management. Today we are using PC in almost every business.

SUKRUT developed systems for all types of MILK Industry. The SUKRUT DSMS is evolved over a long period. The Computerized Record keeping makes your life easy. Any data need to be entered once only to avoid duplicate data entry. Careful data entered and then cross checked by another person give much required rock solid foundation for a Dynamic Decision Support System. The information is then availed on finger tips.

Purchases on Credit terms and Sale on Cash terms is now becoming a common practice. If a system can help you to control Debtors and generate alarms for Recoveries in the market, then Route Supervisors and Sales Team can perform as per your guidelines. This monitoring becomes very easy in real time mode.

To avoid repetitiveness, to enhance productivity, to increase credibility to assure reliability and to implement system independent system SUKRUT DSMS is been developed. We were well supported by Industry Experts, Dairy Consultants, Cost Accountants, Dairy Development Officers, Veterinary Doctors, CA‟s, Management Consultants, Labor Officer, Dairy Microbiologist, IT Head of Dairy and many end customers who have used this system for a long time.

As technology is progressive. Real Time Information is giving you much required edge over your competition. A day old data may not be useful. We at SUKRUT have drilled with available technologies. While we started with DOS based system and gradually we continued our developments in Windows, PDT, Android, TAB etc….

Because of WINDOWS Graphical User Interface (GUI), the beginner who is not aware of computer, can make an attempt at least. The young generation may help them to adopt to the new technology devices later on.

We have in house strong development team who is well conversed with technologies like MICROSOFT, JAVA, SAP, Linux, ANDROID, PHP, JSP etc.

Along with Milk Procurement management, Dairy Manager need to manage Raw Materials, Transport Management, Sales and Inventory, Accounts, Banking, Pay Sheet and so on. With SUKRUT DSMS you be rest assured to have a Simple and Powerful tool to Manage your business easily and efficiently. SUKRUT DSMeS will take care of all these things on a click.

SUKRUT have understood, Dairy Industry comes from small villages where getting skilled, trained manpower is very difficult. Though commitment, loyalty and honesty may be easily available. So anticipating their lacunas, the system do gives suggestion boxes, help tool tips, trapped error messages and a well compiled Help gives a very small learning curve for a beginner.

The animated self guided product tour is under process.

The design is very simple, no complex or confusing design is used. A well planned design gives you operation worth to enjoy the System.

Organization stands strong on five pillars named 5 M‟s Man, Machine, Money, Market, Method. If the system can help us in bringing in more productivity per employee, if system can help you in reducing rejections.Taking more proactive decisions and doing a value add to your management skills. SUKRUT DSMeS is aout of box system which can take care of all these aspects.